Child’s Play

A customized back yard to expand a child’s imagination and promote fun and adventure for the amazing children of this fun loving family!

We created 3D renderings of two different designs that took into consideration the clients needs and promoted fun, adventure, and whimsy!

Option 1

Bringing whimsy through color, lights, and sculptural elements…

The different zones promote areas for group gathering, playing, and areas to relax and get lost in one’s own imagination.


Colors of the four seasons with elements to enhance their experience

Fire and warmth for summer…

Falling leaves and contemplation for fall…

Hammock lounging under a cool breeze for winter…

Swinging under the lushness of spring…


Option 2:

Interlocking circular hedges create a playful maze for kids to hide and play



The bench and fireplace offer a cozy place to gather.

While a round wooden deck sets the stage for performance and make believe.


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