The Art of 2D

Landscapes emerge through a creative process that relies on the use of 2D renderings to convey the details of every design. 2-dimensional drawings offer visual connection between existing elements and transformed elements within the landscape.

Infinity-scheme B-section Infinity-scheme A-section hollywood terrace-sitting area hollywood terrace-sitting area-wave

In section and elevation drawings, changes in elevation are easily diagrammed and demonstrate site lines and spatial qualities. Massed plantings reveal the landscape as a collection of texture, color, and form along the ground plane.

Corbin Residence_Front Yard_Elevation

Plan drawings reveal the form and unity of a landscape as it connects different spaces through force lines. Similarly, plans reveal the ground plane as an arrangement of negative and positive spaces, and composition of color.

Camino Lindo_Front Yard Planting PlanCorbin Residence_Front Yard_PlanInfinity-scheme C-planInfinity-scheme C-plan-inverted

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