Water Wise Landscapes

This residence is a perfect example of a xeriscape landscape. Pebbles and mulch paired with drought tolerant succulents reduce the amount of water use on site and provide a low maintenance alternative to residential landscaping. We used an existing cactus as a focal point in the middle of a large gravel bed, anchored by large boulders.


Looking at the landscape and the curvilinear lines that separate planting areas from pebbled areas.


Potted plant material accentuate the architectural style of the residence and become a focal point in the front yard and remain visible from the interior of the house.


Landscape pebbles and natural stone pavers are used to replace lawn and concrete and provide a permeable alternative for the landscape.

DSC_0048 copy

Dasylirion planted amongst boulders, pebbles, and sedum groundcover.


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  1. jivko says:

    Hi guys,
    This is a wonderful garden, really and even LKO and https://www.greenwoodnursery.c… confirmed it.I think that every family should have a garden.
    I have one big garden and I think this is one of the most amazing things because the garden makes me feel so good, but I now I realize that this garden is much prettier than my.

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