Melanie Moossaian, a graduate of Harvard University, GSD and USC School of Architecture, founded BlueGreen Landscape Design, Inc. Her training in both landscape and architecture reflect her passion to seamlessly weave interior and exterior spaces within every project. This unique perspective drives her to push the envelope of design to provide creative and cohesive design solutions with an eye for aesthetics.

She continues to be an active part of the design community as a designer and an educator. She has taught design studio classes at USC, UCLA, and Woodbury University in the fields of landscape, sustainability and architecture.

Melanie has many years of experience working on residential, commercial and institutional projects throughout the city, designing and creating many award winning projects. She is dedicated to making every project a success, with a true collaboration between designer and the client.


At BlueGreen, our main values remain strong
with an emphasis on people, context, innovation, and sustainability. Through a collaborative and disciplined approach we effectively incorporate the needs of the user in the landscape design, whether it’s bold and beautiful, elegant and serene, or whimsical and imaginative.

Our design process combines strong design aesthetics with sustainable practices. This approach pushes us to integrate many strategies that conserve water and energy using xeroscape planting, reclaimed water and other recycled materials. With a focus on innovation, we create site specific design solutions that blur the line between interior and exterior spaces to promote indoor / outdoor living. Using form, and texture through a variety of planting and built form, we create outdoor rooms that are visually memorable and engage the senses.



  • Initial Design Consultation
    Site Analysis & Documentation
    Conceptual & Schematic Design
    Design Development
    Construction Documents
    Master Planning & Illustrations
    Planting List & Plant Selection
    Interior Space Planning
    Project Bidding & Coordination